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Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants (water plants) are an essential element in any garden pond. Aquatic plants are plants that have adapted to living in aquatic environments (saltwater or freshwater).Thousands of plant species live in freshwater habitats around the world: along edges, on the surface, or at the bottom of shallow lakes and ponds; in temporarily flooded low areas and meadows; at seeps and springs in hill regions; in flowing water of streams and rivers; rooted in waterlogged soils; and along any other natural or human-produced drainage system. "Freshwater wetlands" occur from below sea level to some very lofty alpine habitats, where water may persist throughout the year or where it can be very ephemeral. Normally we classify a freshwater wetland as a place where at least half of the species found there are truly aquatic plant species.

Available only for local customers or clients....

Nymphea(Aquatic / Pool / Pond)


Nymphaea 'Pearl of the Pool' (Aquatic). Water Lilies (Nymphaea)....


Water Lilies(Aquatic/Water plants)

Water Lilies

But I must explain to you how all this mitak eidea of denouncing pleasure.


Blue Water Lily(Aquatic plants)

Blue Water Lily(Aquatic plants)

Selecting blue coloured water plants to suit all climates can be a....


Night Blooming Water Lily(Pool plants)

Night Blooming Water Lily

Night Blooming Water Lilies open 8pm in the evening to mid morning....


Orange Water Lily( Aquatic plants / Pool plants )

Orange Water Lily

This variety has cream flowers with red centre petals and deep.....


Night Blooming Pink Water Lily( Very RarePool )

Night Blooming Pink Water Lily

It opens at Dusk, closes very late next morning, pink tropical night.....


Violet Water Lily( Aquatic plants / Pool plants )

Violet Water Lily

This water lily has violet-blue flowers. It grows well in small to medium....


Off white Water Lily( Aquatic / Pool plants )

Off white Water Lily

White flower with rows of petals surrounding a yellow center; rooted....


Miniature Water lily ( Aquatic plant )

Miniature Water lily

Miniature water lilies and other miniature water plants are ideal for the.....