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Nymphea(Aquatic / Pool / Pond)

Nymphaea (Aquatic / Pool / Pond)

Nymphaea 'Pearl of the Pool' (Aquatic). Water Lilies (Nymphaea) are produced from March to September with a succession of blooms from at least June until September. Its common bloom time is mainly spring / summer.

We have variety of Water Lilies that are hardly in India. There is a choice from the smallest miniature water lily right up to giant water lilies. They are available in a range of colours. Water Gardens are a pleasing feature in almost any landscape.


Night Blooming Water Lily(Pool plants)

Night Blooming Water Lily

Night Blooming Water Lilies open 8pm in the evening to mid morning....


Orange Water Lily( Aquatic plants / Pool plants )

Orange Water Lily

This variety has cream flowers with red centre petals and deep....


Night Blooming Pink Water Lily( Very RarePool )

Night Blooming Pink Water Lily

It opens at Dusk, closes very late next morning, pink tropical night....


Violet Water Lily( Aquatic plants / Pool plants )

Violet Water Lily

This water lily has violet-blue flowers. It grows well in small to medium....


Off white Water Lily( Aquatic / Pool plants )

Off white Water Lily

White flower with rows of petals surrounding a yellow center; rooted....


Miniature Water lily ( Aquatic plant )

Miniature Water lily

Miniature water lilies and other miniature water plants are ideal for the....